Rosemary Lee's Under the Vaulted Sky, commissioned by IF: Milton Keynes International Festival 2014
Winner of The Bonnie Bird Choreography Award 2013-15, photo: Shaun Armstrong/


The Award:

The Bonnie Bird New Choreography Award is a biennial award of £10,000. This award is open to choreographers and artists working choreographically, based in the UK, who have been working professionally for more than five years (excluding study). Please note, however, that current MA and PhD students are not eligible to apply. The award period will be negotiated with the applicant but will generally last between 1-2 years.

The new Choreography award aims to engage with one choreographer to support a programme of individual research that can effect a step change, developing their future work/practice to the highest quality, with the potential to impact both nationally and internationally.

The award also has been created to support a project that asks questions about choreography and addresses what it might currently mean to work with the body, dance, movement and choreography.

Each time the award is given the programme is created on a bespoke basis with the selected choreographer, but it may include:

The Awardee Receives:

The Awardee is required to:

Role of the BBCF Creative Producer:

The Creative Producer is currently Chris Fogg. His support includes the negotiation of a bespoke Development Plan for the period of the award, with agreed milestones, targets and a work plan. Chris also offers dramaturgical support in the studio, brokerage of potential partnerships, as well as the support listed in the bullet points above. His support does not include administration or artist management, which remain the responsibility of the Awardee. Chris provides the equivalent of 10 days during the year.

Sharing of research:

Whilst there is no commitment for the awardee to present a finished piece of performance at this End-of-Award Sharing – the focus of the award is on supporting choreographic research in the form that is most useful to the selected artist and his/her project and/or practice – there is an expectation that the period of the award will result in a significant contribution to the awardee's development as a choreographer, influencing their subsequent practice, and that evidence of this should be reflected in this "sharing", with a clear sense – worked out with the support of the Creative Producer – of where the work is headed, and what the next steps will be. The requirement to present this "sharing" to an audience, therefore, with the opportunity for further feedback and discussion, will represent a key milestone in the awardee's choreographic journey.

How to Apply:

This award is biennial and in December 2015 Nicola Conibere was announced as the recipient for 2015-6. The next call for applications will be in 2017.

What We look for:

A convincing, ambitious and clearly articulated research idea that ‘leaps off the page’ and is able to ‘surprise us’. We are particularly interested in projects that re-imagine choreography in the way they address the objectives for the award; artists who work with an expanded notion of choreography; and proposals that demonstrate an experimental or interdisciplinary approach to dance, choreography and performance.

When selecting the Award Winner, members of the BBCF Board take the following criteria into consideration: